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Flocked Johnny Jump-up Pendant

Materials: 20 gm Silver metal clay

Silver metal clay paste

Flocking in colors of blue, white and yellow

Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive

Copy pattern onto cardstock and cut out.

Roll clay to 0.75 mm, cut back piece. Set aside to dry.

Roll out clay to 1.00 mm and cut outline. Set aside to dry.

Add paste to the back of the outline piece, moisten background piece and put the two together. Dry.

When the piece is fully dry, sand edges even and fill any gaps with paste. Finish the edges of the piece to your satisfaction.

Extrude a short section of tube using an extruder and a tube adaptor. Cut a short section, put a slight curve into it and allow it to dry.

Once the tube is dry, moisten the back of the pansy and moisten and add paste to the tube. Press the two together and allow to dry.

Once dry, fill any gaps and sand the back.

Make about 5-6 small clay balls. Add a dollop of paste to the center of the pansy and press the balls into the paste.

Allow piece to dry thoroughly and then fire the piece according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Polish the piece.

This piece is colored like a Johnny Jump Up from my garden (blue, white and yellow), but any color pattern of pansy can be used, choose the colors you like best. Flocking can be easily airborne and breathed in, please wear a mask while working with it. Using a tray, take out one color at a time. This will allow you to add unused flocking back to its jar. Using a toothpick, add a bit of glue to the petal areas. Do not add glue to the entire piece at once, only add it to the areas that need the color you are currently adding. This will allow you to precisely control the addition of colors to the piece. Sprinkle the flocking onto the glue and very lightly pat the flocking into the glue. Don’t pat too hard or the glue will come up through the flocking. Shake off any excess flocking.

Work from the center to the outer edges, the two upper petals get a tricolor effect of yellow to white to blue. The three side and bottom petals get a blue center with a yellow middle area to a blue outer edge.

If you have thin areas of flocking, slightly dilute your white glue and add a touch to the piece and add more flocking as needed.

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